New Book: Re-imagining the Guyanas, Co-edited by Lawrence Aje, Thomas Lacroix and Judith Misrahi-Barak

316 pages, ISBN 978-2-36781-291-5, Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée

French Guyane, Guyana and Suriname are not often focused on. Sometimes French Guyane is believed to be an island, and one often wonders where Guyana is situated, or Suriname. This collection of essays aims to increase the visibility of the Guyanas and more particularly of the three countries mentioned above. It also means to contribute to scholarship already published and share the knowledge across various disciplinary fields. It will question the traditional divide between disciplines as the best way to approach such complex territories that contain many geographies, histories, languages and cultures. Moving away from simplistic and binary perspectives, the contributors of the volume address these questions that revisit colonial and postcolonial identities, and the porosity between their borders. What can the Guyanas do for us and what can we do for them? Creative and academic writers such as Gaiutra Bahadur, Sonja Boon, Janette Bulkan, Juanita Cox, Tim Cribb, Cyril Dabydeen, Charles Forsdick, Lisa Katharina Grund, Kathleen Gyssels, Natalie Hopkinson, Ateeka Khan, Sinah Kloß, Michael Mitchell, Gabriel Cambraia Neiva, Clem Seecharan, Janice Lowe Shinebourne, explore their Guyanas and others’.

Keywords: Ecotones, indentured labour, French Guyane, Guyana, Suriname, migrations

Table of Contents


Lawrence Aje, Thomas Lacroix and Judith Misrahi-Barak: Singular and Multiple: the Guyanas

Remembering Rose Hall and Beyond

Gaiutra Bahadur: The Rose Hall Uprising

Clem Seecharan: A New World for Kaila
Janice Lowe Shinebourne: Rose Hall Cyril Dabydeen: Home and Far Away: Remembering Rose Hall Sugar Plantation

Emancipating Memory

Sonja Boon: Telling Stories with Gold 

Charles Forsdick: ‘Bagne pas mort’: exploring penal heritage in French Guiana

Kathleen Gyssels: World War II in Guianese and Caribbean Poetry: Martin Carter, Leon Damas, Kamau Brathwaite

Mapping and Charting the 3 Guyana’s

Janette Bulkan: Settling Indigenous Rights and Building a Social Contract in the circum-Caribbean territories of Belize, Guyana and Suriname

Ateeka Khan: Cultural Resistance: East Indian Migrants and the Formation of Ethnic Identities in British Guiana

Natalie Hopkinson: Beyond ‘Cats and Dogs’: A Geopolitical and Cultural Analysis of Guyana’s Mashramani Independence Celebration

Lisa Katharina Grund: Making oneself at Home: The Grammar of Travelling among the Makushi in the Pakaraima Mountains, Guyana

Sinah Kloß: Giving to Mother Ganga: Gift Exchange, Social Hierarchy and the Notion of Pollution in Transnational Guyanese Hindu Communities

Writing and Imagining the 3 Guyanas

Tim Cribb: Re-writing Man in the Guyanas

Michael Mitchell: Wilson Harris: Magus of the Interior

Gabriel Cambria Neiva: The Journey to the Source of Imagination: A Reading of The Laughter of Wapishana by Wilson Harris

Juanita Cox Westmaas: Buried in the Landscape: Edgar Mittelholzer’s Creative Gene(sis)/Geni(us), and Revolting Subtexts


Abstracts and Bios

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