Seminar Series: Diasporic Trajectories: Transnational Cultures in the 21st Century

Diasporic Trajectories: Transnational Cultures in the 21st Century 

IASH, 2 Hope Park Square, University of Edinburgh

 Seminar 5, Friday 13th November, 2-5pm

*Prof. David Murphy, ‘The Performance of Pan-Africanism: performing black identity at major pan-African festivals, 1966-2010’

*Dr James Procter , ‘Diaspora on Air: Radio and Lyrical Modernity’

Chair: Dr Sam Coombes


The remaining seminars in the series are the following:

Diaspora studies is a growing area of research within the broader field of postcolonial studies. Its principal focus is the ways in which the experiences of migrant and displaced communities have been represented in thought, literature and art. This seminar series will probe diaspora-related themes in a diverse range of ways, one of its aims being to develop still underworked comparative perspectives between the fields of Anglophone and francophone postcolonial studies. There will be two papers at each seminar, separated by a coffee break. All welcome!

Seminar series webpage:


Previous seminars in the series:

Seminar 1, Friday 13th February 2015, 2-5pm

*Prof. Janet Wilson, ‘”Wavering between two worlds”: Liminality in anglophone diaspora writing’

* Prof. Charles Forsdick, ‘Beyond the francophone: postcolonialism, comparatism, transnationalism’

Chair: Dr Sam Coombes

Seminar 2, Friday 24th April, 2-5pm

*Prof. Susheila Nasta, ‘Remapping Modernisms:  Asian Bloomsbury and the Evolution of Global Modernities in Colonial London’

*Dr Nicki Hitchcott, ‘Genocide Stories in Exile: Fiction from the Rwandan Diaspora’

Chair: Prof. Françoise Král

Seminar 3, Friday 16th October, 2-5pm

*Prof. John McLeod, ‘Transcultural Adoption and Diasporic Writing’

*Prof. Françoise Král, ‘Diasporising neo-imperial languages: towards a pragmatics of global (mis)understanding’

Chair: Dr Michelle Keown

Seminar 4, Friday 30th October, 2-5pm

*Prof. Héliane Ventura, ‘Matching the Unmatchable: Alice Munro’s Pictures of the Ice and James Galt’s Bogle Corbet or The Emigrant

*Dr Michelle Keown, ‘Of goldfields, markets and murder: diasporic Chinese and Sinophobia in The Luminaries and Chinese New Zealand literature’

Chair: Dr Corinne Bigot



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